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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Blog Round up

John Bolch's excellent Family Lore sets the standard as usual with a selection of fab posts on murder law, spousal retribution, a podcast on children law, a podcast on divorce, pre-nuptial agreements and his take on the Camilla Cavendish articles. It's all I can do to keep up with his breadth of coverage and incisive comment. And what a blogroll.

Diane Benussi of Benussi Blog applies her discreet mind to the summer holidays, how not to get divorced, avoiding the credit crunch fallout & the work-life balance (but she still has no decent blogroll!).

Sophia Cannon's Child Lawyer >
is back briefly with a mention of pregnancy & depression. Also no blogroll - shame on you!

Divorce Solicitor is alive and well and blogs about forcing fathers to be named, the new domestic violence law & falling out of love. A links section low down the page but no mention of certain key blogs!!!

Judith's Divorce Blog covers Mr Dean's website, cohabitation law & the Dunmow Flitch! And a blogroll!

Laws of Love is tempted back to the blogosphere to comment on Re B, a case dear to my heart. All you need to know in a nutshell. And a top blogroll. (you may detect a theme and a bias re the blogroll thing and you may be right).

Marilyn 'the Barracuda' Stowe blogs about herself (Note to self: adopt tag line Jacqui the goldfish gilliatt or maybe not?). At least no one would ever accuse me of looking like Edwina Currie. Ann Widdecombe maybe - looking like, no other resemblance. Blogroll to be proud of! (Another thought to self: why do barracudas need blogroll? - maybe I should stop having these thoughts or seek treatment)

And last but by no means least Pink Tape who shares her thoughts on McKenzie friends, her jogging efforts (not that I am boasting but I did 10 k in a snap the other week and am running 10 miles for Voice with a bunch of people from 4 Brick Court on 26th October) & Mr Dean's website. And what a great blogroll!!!

The theme in case you haven't guessed it: blogs like families need a support network! Or people will think their authors are sad and lonely. And that is so far from the truth it is er ... not true.

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