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Monday, 9 June 2008

More senior women judges required say Lady Justice Arden

The Times last week carried a report of a speech by Lady Justice Arden bemoaning the lack of diversity among the senior judiciary. In the speech, given to the Association of Women Solicitors, she stated that while progress had been made at district and circuit level, "it is important that women should also be appointed to the High Court.” She pointed out that only one woman had been chosen for the High Court bench compared with 29 men and, as one woman High Court judge, Joyanne Bracewell, had died during that time, levels of women judges had not increased since October 2005, which was “extremely disappointing”.

She added,
“There are far fewer woman judges in England and Wales than in many other
jurisdictions throughout the world. Even in developing countries, there are many
more women judges than we have in this country.”

She then called on women solicitors to "press" the JAC for change,
“We have never before had the opportunity to contribute to, and help fashion,
the appointments process as we do now. We must utilise that advantage.”

The full story can be found on The Times website

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