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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

War of words continues over legal aid

The Times carried a lengthy story on the continuing campaign against cuts in legal aid for barristers in family proceedings. The story carried comments from Lucy Theis QC, current Chair of the FLBA, who put the issue in bleak terms:
"The removal of a child from his or her natural parents by the State has rightly been described as one of the most draconian orders that can be made. It is the parents and children with no voice who will be left with either no representation or no experienced representation when the State wants to take their children into care. It is that stark.”
In response, Crispin Passmore of the LSC claims that the reduction in fees this year is only trying to claw back a pay rise that should never have been awarded in 2004. That rise had been given for fear of a drain of legal aid barristers but subsequent analysis had revealed an increase in numbers taking on this work "and charging more for it, even though it is the same work”.

The full story can be read on The Times website

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