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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

May blog round up

Among John Bolch's many posts on Family Lore he blogs about the superiority of cats as train station managers, wifi in Crown & Combined Court Centres, advice to those contemplating divorce, the latest instalment of Tricia Walsh-Smith on Youtube, John Hemmings & the Court of Appeal, shared residence, positive parenting etc. A veritable feast with something for everyone.

Welcome back from maternity leave is Pink Tape who has blogged about the Guardian piece on cases at Wells St FPC, barristers' earnings from public funding & FDAC at Wells St.

On Laws of Love by Southampton based barrister, Mark Chaloner, a piece about women's superiority in the fridge department, the child's need for a father & public funding fees.

Diane Benussi's Benussi Blog has dealt with alcohol consumption, shaking off the divorce doldrums & coping with financial pressure.

Divorce Solicitor Lynne Bastow talks about destressing & divorce, what she wants for the baby she is expecting and whether it matters who starts the divorce.

Judith's Divorce Blog from Judith Middleton of Latimer Hinks covers war stories of vengeful clients, misleading headlines getting clients in a lather and as usual her posts are beautifully illustrated with lovely pictures.

Marilyn Stowe's blog features two stonkingly good posts on divorce dirty tricks and family law & accountants.

And on my blog Bloody Relations the mixture of humour (a family law joke) and tragedy (the tale of Tom & Nancie) which is the stuff of family law itself.

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