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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Children with Attachment Disorder

A thoughtful piece in the Times by Penny Wark considers the difficulties facing adopters raising children with attachment disorders, profiling in particular Melanie Allen's experience. Melanie has written a book about it - The Trouble with Alex - which I have ordered from Amazon and then review.


Anonymous said...

We have just heard Melanie's interview on Radio 4. Our family is in a similar situation. We asked social services for help with our adopted son, who has attachment disorder. We found ourselves thrust into the court arena with soc services applying for care orders for both children! We have been fighting this for a year now, and are exhausted. We thought we were alone, perhaps we are not.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are not alone, I hope that you see this note. Our family has been fighting Social Services for 9 months over our adopted child. This arose from a request for support as we suspected that our adopted child had an attachment disorder later verified following a full assessment by a none social services department, that Social Services are disregarding. He is currently in foster care being bounced around the social services system as a consequence of a period of respite care where they said he could not return home and subsequently took us to a Child Protection Conference. They also went after our other child but fortunately they are still at home. Our thoughts are with you we fully appreciate how completely frustrating, draining and soul destroying it is! As parents who want to support their children to be told that we had lost the motivation to love our child when all we had asked for was support and then not be given any opportunity to respond to any of the accusations and have no comeback to seek justice is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
We have been through the same with social services.
After a nightmare 2 1/2 years we came to the conclusion that our two adopted sons could not live together in the same home. After a heart attack etc. we asked for help from social services and they would not re-home the one child without taking both children. We fought and had our youngest son returned to us 18 months ago. If there is anything we can do to help, please make contact via info@innovationandmedia.com

Ranjeet said...

There is no need of any book for me to read. Because my small brother is suffering from RAD and i know my experience.In fact Its so Tiring and exhausting for Mom to deal with.
Reactive attachment disorder