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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Blog roundup

I start where I usually start and you all should start with the inimitable John Bolch of Family Lore . Among his many recent posts I was particularly glad to read about the Independent's Happy List which is a truly touching, moving & inspiring list of people who contribute happiness to our lives. You can add your own nominations. John has also blogged about Tricia Walsh-Smith's you tube videos about her divorce, Stack v Dowden , & the downloadable booklet for separating parents published by Resolution .

The Ancillary Actuary blog published a post last month by Tom Tyler from my chambers on pensions . Peter Moore, the editor of the blog tells me that pension sharing reports from Bradshaw Dixon Moore always test how the scheme implements pension-sharing orders. If they identify a risk of financial harm, the details and options are set out in their trademark straightforward and readable report. You can email the firm to ask for a report and a copy of their free guide on pensions and divorce.

Pink Tape has blogged about that Coleridge speech & the new blog Laws of Love by Southampton based barrister, Mark Chaloner, who has also blogged about that Coleridge speech.

Diane Benussi's Benussi Blog has dealt with separation & sex tourism, telling children the truth & couples who separate living in the same town.

Divorce Solicitor Lynne Bastow talks about whether it matters who issues the petition, applying respectful uncertainty (ie scepticism) about what your child says about your ex, & how to tell if your wife no longer loves you.

Judith's Divorce Blog from Judith Middleton of Latimer Hinks blogs about Coleridge, the silly filly & involving the in-laws in divorce.

Marilyn Stowe's blog features posts on parents' views on their children's spouses, faith & divorce, investment trusts & marital mobile snooping.

And on my blog Bloody Relations there are some fine comedy videos (Monty Python & Peter Cook) & posts on contact post-separation, equal parenting time & McKenzie friends.

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