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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Publication of judgment disregards right to privacy, claims Heather Mills

I never thought I would cite such a source, but celebrity gossip website - perezehilton.com - has published the text of a statement from Heather Mills that raises, what I hope, will be the last angle of the McCartney divorce. In it Lady Mills claims that publication of the judgment
"is against the principle of privacy expected within family courts. A person has
a right to privacy when they a family court and this was taken away from me.
This decision appears to have been taken with disregard for my human right to
privacy and that of my daughter. It cannot be in her interests that one parent
is condemned by the media while the other is ‘protected’ or even revered."

We will wait to see if this claim goes any further but no doubt the tabloids and gossip columnists will take the statement to heart and leave her alone. Remind me, is the Pope a Catholic?

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