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Monday, 10 March 2008

News roundup

Lisa Arthurworrey is appealing to the General Social Care Council against a decision not to register her on grounds of competency. We are tantalisingly told in a related article that she has admitted to writing inappropriate emails to the GSCC but not what they said.

The mother in the Nottingham case lost her appeal against the interim care order made by a District Judge (see Family Law Week's case report of Re G [2008] EWCA Civ 86 but the case has been remitted to Munby J to consider whether there should be a s 38(6) assessment. Rather interestingly there is a reference to the LSC agreeing to fund a viability assessment at the Cassel hospital. I am hearing reports that they will not do so normally.

Munby J, who is now seized of the case, is quoted in the Daily Mail as demanding better training for social workers and hospital staff over the original unlawful removal. It looks from the press coverage that a s 38(6) assessment has been ordered.

Every Child Matters has published a guide for local authorities on their duty to provide information, advice & assistance under the Children Act 2006 which is downloadable from this page

Researchers have called into question the effectiveness of early support to mothers via the Home Start scheme as Research in Practice reports. The website has a summary of the research findings and a link to the full research report by Jacqueline Barnes, Kristen Macpherson & Rob Senior.

By contrast, the National Evaluation of Sure Start shows that children behave better and are more independent if they live in areas with Sure Start Children’s Centres. Other findings show that parents have more positive parenting skills and provide a better home learning environment for their children, helping prepare children to do well at school and make the most of their talents.

The Court of Appeal has decided in K K (A Child) that a local authority does not have the final say on the matter of a young person's age and identity, and that such a decision should ultimately rest with the court. A court has power in family proceedings to direct the local authority to investigate issues such as age and identity under s 37.

The Times reports on plans to establish 100 specialist domestic violence (criminal) courts.

Panorama tonight features the case of Keran Henderson, the childminder accused of shaking a baby in her care, and will include interviews with US biomechanic experts. The case is also discussed in the Daily Mail .

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