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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

News Round up

Eleanor Hamilton QC has been appointed as a Judge in the Family Division. She is to be known as Mrs Justice Eleanor King.

Professor Carolyn Hamilton is one of two new appointments to the Legal Services Commission.

Some great new articles on the Family Law Week website:

John Gumbleton has written on the considerable variation in the approach of different local authorities to possible rehabilitation and the resources that they develop or devote to helping children return safely to their parents.

David Chaplin has interviewed Lord Justice Thorpe , Head of International Family Law. Later this year the inaugural International Family Law lecture will take place, funded by the FLBA & Resolution.

John Wilson writes on privilege and accidental disclosure . He is a rather brilliant fellow who once had a rather brilliant pupil!

Following the Panorama programme about shaking baby syndrome the BBC announced that Keran Henderson is to appeal against her conviction.

The NSPCC added its considerable weight to the criticisms of the proposed issue fee increase for care proceedings. The Law Society is not impressed either. The views of the ALC & the Family Justice Council are of like mind.

Children cared for by members of their extended families or social networks in general appear to do at least as well as those in traditional foster care, according to a research briefing from Research in Practice .

The President of the Family Division gave a the Resolution Inaugural Annual Lecture in which he expressed his hopes for the PLO as a mechanism for defeating delay & announced that DCSF will issue guidance to local authorities on adoption procedures which the PLO does not deal with He also spoke about ensuring that the child's voice is heard both in the context of public and private law proceedings and a new initiative along the Early Intervention lines called DAtrys To that end he wishes to encourages judges to talk to children directly if appropriate training could be provided to them. He was strangely silent on the proposed issue fee increase other than to emphasise that it had nothing to do with the PLO and that anything which discourage local authorities from acting appropriately to protect children could hardly serve the best interests of children!

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