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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Macca v Mucca

Heather breaks her silence!

The full judgment in the case is now up on the Family Law Week website.

Geek Lawyer has helpfully translated selected passages into plain English.

John Bolch selects the Judge's comment on Heather Mills' self-representation on the Family Lore blog and does the maths here .

Judith Middleton on her Divorce blog concludes that neither party can claim victory.

Marilyn Stowe aka the Barracuda on her blog considers neither party to have been realistic. Macca offered too little, Mucca asked for too much.

Pink Tape analyses the number of times the word 'unreasonable' appears in the judgment. See also her excellent post on Rex Judicata on custody of family pets.

The Press has had a field day. Typing in Mills McCartney to the Google news search reveals 3,529 articles and an awful lot of references to Money Can't Buy Me Love. The Google blog list is equally enormous.

Frances Gibb in the Times reports on Heather Mills' reaction to the publication of the judgment - tipping water over McCartney's lawyer and picks out the juicy bits from the judgment here as does Philippe Naughton who also reports on her rant outside court in which she claimed to have kept silent for 21 months. Another example of the gap between her view of the world and other people's as found by the Judge?

The Telegraph picks out the juicy bits here and has more to say about the water incident or as the Sun says she chucked Shaka.

The Guardian's take on it is written by Esther Addley.

Then there is the Mirror , the Mail &the Sun (lots of capitalised OUTRAGE & the opportunity to elect Mills or Burrell as the biggest liar).

And Heather herself: the judgment was outrageous and today she just wants to rest. Paul is keeping quiet. And that is the difference between them. She has her own website , by the way, but strangely enough it does not contain the text of the judgment.

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