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Monday, 17 March 2008

Heather Mills could inspire DIY divorces

The Observer carried a story on Sunday featuring comments from James Pirrie speculating that 70% of divorces could be soon be by litigants in person. In advance of the judgment today, he told the paper that

'People are thinking, "If Heather Mills can represent herself in court and take on that Mr Mostyn, whom everyone says is the best lawyer in the country, then I can give Mr Bogstandard from down the High Street a run for his money"

You can read the full item on The Observer website

1 comment:

wendyDS said...

Perhaps more people should instead be tempted to try mediation now, rather than risking high legal fees. James Pirrie feels that 70% of all future litigants will be representing themselves - 100% of people in mediation represent themselves and manage to achieve very satisfactory results!