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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Family Law Blog Roundup

The industrious John Bolch whose excellent blog is called Family Lore has just published a post rounding up the recent activities on all the UK family law blogs . Saves me another job!

If you are new to blogs this post is a good way to start looking at the UK family law blog scene. If you like a particular blog, including this one you can subscribe to it. If you have Internet Explorer 7 you just click on the orange button on the toolbar. When the blog changes to the subscription format you confirm that you want to subscribe. To find the blog feed you go to your favourites centre and click on feeds and you will find a list of the blogs you subscribe to. Anytime you are online the feeds will be updated. If you do not yet have IE7 you can subscribe to a blog through Google Reader or do a search to find another blog feedburner.

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