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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

District Judges' new leader condemns domestic violence reform

The Times has published an interview with the new leader of the Association of District Judges, Edwina Millward, in which she criticises the changes to powers of arrest introduced last year. In the interview she claims that the Government's talk of being tough on domestic violence are being undermined by the decision to hand over prosecutions to the CPS, instead of allowing district judges to attach a power of arrest.
“Fewer victims appear to be applying to the courts for non-molestation
injunction orders — and more people who breach orders are escaping
punishment...... By its nature domestic violence happens in private and evidence
of a breach is often the word of the victim against the perpetrator.”

The higher standards of proof required by the CPS therefore mitigate against victims taking the case further and anecdotal evidence backs that up, she claims.

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