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Friday, 8 February 2008

A turbulent priest?

The Archbishop of Canterbury called for public recognition of Islamic law in the UK in a speech last night in the Royal Courts of Justice. I would venture a comment if I could understand a word of what he said but I'm afraid I am defeated. Here's a flavour: "I have been arguing that a defence of an unqualified secular legal monopoly in terms of the need for a universalist doctrine of human right or dignity is to misunderstand the circumstances in which that doctrine emerged, and that the essential liberating (and religiously informed) vision it represents is not imperilled by a loosening of the monopolistic framework." He also gave an interview on Radio 4 which is a little easier to follow but not much. I don't think I agree with him but it is rather difficult to tell! I was amused by this reaction from a US commentator: "What do you expect from someone that believes in a giant invisible being that lives in the sky, knows everything, created everything, and talks to humans in their language. Give me a break."

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