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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Nottingham Baby Case

The judgment of Mr Justice Munby in the Nottingham baby case has now been published on Family Law Week in which he sets out the background to the initial unlawful removal of the child from her mother, explains in crystal clear terms what can and cannot be done by way of removal with or without court approval and takes the opportunity to comment on the fact that the case only came to public attention because of the mother's own judicial review of her leaving care plan which was listed before him in the Administrative Court. His point being, that had it been in front of him as an urgent application in the Family Division it would have been heard in private. Readers may be aware that since his original decision a County Court Judge in Nottingham has granted an interim care order and the baby has once again been removed. The reasons for this, of course, cannot be made public.

For an interesting comment on the case see this piece by Liz Davies, social worker in the Guardian.

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David Chaplin said...

ITN reports that the Court of Appeal has just dismissed an appeal against the order made on Friday 1 February.