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Sunday, 17 February 2008

News Roundup

Parents are to be given the right to information about people who regularly look after their children in a scheme which the Government are piloting according to the the Times .

The NSPCC fears that trafficked children are not being properly protected and end up being sent back to gangs who continue to exploit them according to the Guardian .

Top divorce lawyers Suzanne Kingston from Dawsons & Alex Carruthers of Hughes Fowler Carruthers advise that pre-nuptial agreements are becoming essential in the wake of the Crossley case & the McCartney divorce according to this Times story .

The Germans seem to be going in the opposite direction to recent case law here keeping the biological father & extended family at bay in adoption cases (see this earlier post on Adoption Resources . According to this Guardian story a German woman has been forced to name the six men who won an online auction to have sex with her on the basis that the child has a right to know the identity of its parents.

Geoffrey Robertson has written an interesting article the UK's contribution to the Australian stolen generation policy suggesting that an apology from the UK government is in order.

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