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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Collaborative practice

This May (over the first bank holiday weekend), the European Collaborative Law Conference will take place in Cork, Ireland.
Have a look at www.acp.ie for details and read about how you will be able to participate in the European and global development of collaborative practice.

In England and Wales collaborative law continues to grow with Collaborative PODS appearing all over the country.
In my area,Plymouth, Devon the seven collaborative lawyers (soon to be nine) intend to launch their POD on the 23 April 2008. They are busy finalising and printing their brochure as well as developing their website and list of invitees.
So, if anyone with experience has any advice about marketing a POD using brochures and a website or any other helpful general advice for a successful launch this would be very welcome. Please tell us about your experiences.

John Hind
Collaborative lawyer/Mediator
Partner, Act Family Law, Plymouth

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