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Monday, 21 January 2008

Wrong Way: Go Back!

I was rather astonished to hear of the immigration, at least temporarily, of an internationally renowned family law expert from Australia into these less inviting waters as this Family Law Week news item relates. Professor Parkinson has come over here to express a few concerns he has about the proposed new child support system (see this earlier post on CMEC ). Professor Parkinson hails from the University of Sydney and this webpage gives a potted summary of his extensive academic track record.

I will be blogging about Professor Parkinson again as one of his learned pieces is a commentary on the "unacceptable risk" approach adopted in Australian family cases where allegations of sexual abuse are made - the Australian authorities decry the exercise of making findings of fact in favour of an examination of whether an unacceptable risk of harm has been established. There is movement afoot amongst certain quarters in the High Court to suggest that this sort of approach was wrongly decried by the House of Lords in Re H & R as 'mere judicial suspicion'.

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