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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Still a long way to go

The Children's Commissioner, Al Aynsley-Green is
interviewed by the Guardian on child protection developments. He picks up on Lord Laming's concerns about the recommendations from the Climbie enquiry, following two studies of serious case reviews. These reviews are given further coverage in the Daily Telegraph and the serious case reviews themselves & the University of East Anglia research are on the this page of the Every Child Matters website .

This is particularly poignant since the latest crime statistics, whilst showing a decrease in murder overall, reveal an increase from 24 to 33 in the number of children killed by their parents as the Guardian reports. The British Crime Survey also reports that 28% of women & 18% of men report having been the victim of domestic violence at some point in their lives. Disappointingly, only 13% of victims reported the crime to police.

It's not, of course, just parents who are a risk - see this story in the Daily Mail about an unregistered child minder in Manchester who has just been convicted of manslaughter of a child who died from head injury. Despite admitting a number of violent acts towards the dead child, including biting and hitting, she was acquitted of murder.

For an interesting perspective on the whole issue of child protection procedures and the role of social workers see the comment by Liz Davies, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at London Metropolitan University from the Guardian.

And for the lighthearted news item at the end of the broadcast:

Woolworths bow to public pressure by withdrawing a range of bedroom furniture which for some extraordinary reason they had decided under the brand name Lolita! See the Times . What were they thinking!

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