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Saturday, 19 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

As is usual at the beginning of the year my thoughts turned to New Year’s resolutions. I was rather stuck for ideas for myself so I decided it would be much more fun to make a list of resolutions which I wished that other people would make. Firstly, of course, all UK family lawyers must resolve to read the Family Law Week website and blog on a daily basis. Secondly, it would be great if some more of you could resolve to contribute to the blog. And wouldn’t it be lovely if the Legal Services Commission could resolve to reacquaint itself with the fundamentals of economic reality? It would be also quite interesting if the new ministers at the Ministry of Justice could devise a policy or two relating to family law – any policy – even a Tory one? It would be good too if someone could resolve to clarify the relevant departmental and political responsibilities for matters to do with children but I am not sure who to pin this one on! Some appreciation of the work of family lawyers by the general public or at the very least the fourth estate would not go amiss either but I am trying to be realistic. And for myself? To resist the temptation to emigrate to sunny climes where the trees are full of kookaburras and koalas.

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