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Monday, 21 January 2008

Black & Blue?

As I stepped off the train at Waterloo tonight I was greeted by headlines suggesting that Black Monday was upon us once again as share prices took a huge tumble. I then read in various London papers that two weeks after D-Day comes Blue Monday, the day which some Psychiatrists and Psychologists say we all experience the biggest low of the year (for an account of the somewhat spurious science behind this designation see this Wikipedia page . Debts, despondency over resolutions we have already failed to keep and the dank and dismal weather all contribute to a general air of gloom (in fact it is the warmest January day since records began and any minute now I predict a global warming jag).

However, perhaps borrowing from the equally spurious science expounded in Rhonda Byrne's the Secret, apparently if you expected to be blue today you will be.

Mike Finnigan, of corporate and personal development company Advance Performance, which specialises in human behaviour, said: "If you think about January 21 as 'Blue Monday' then the part of the brain known as the reticular deactivating system will immediately begin to focus on things that arise during the day. Associating a day with something such as an increase in negative or even suicidal thoughts is a very dangerous thing to do. The danger is, if you think that something is going to be 'blue', then it will naturally lead you to act negatively."

Good job I only found out about this after a rather ordinary miserable Monday or I might have been even more downhearted! New Year's resolution to self: think only happy thoughts on Mondays (and don't get depressed when you forget to do so).

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