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Monday, 3 December 2007

Family Law Blogs (aka Blawgs or should it be Flawgs)

Naturally this blog is set to become the first among equals of all UK family law blogs but if you have blinked in the blogosphere you may have missed one or two of this growing clan.

Delia Venables has published a piece about new family law blogs in the UK in her internet newsletter for September / October 2007. Click here to to subscribe to her newsletter .

The first and mother of them all is Family Lore by Chatham based solicitor John Bolch. John covers a variety of topics of interest to lawyers & non-lawyers with news & comments usually posted daily. Posts this month included : in-court conciliation, Government funding & the paramountcy principle, Hill v Haines & Mr Justice Singer.

I write a blog - Bloody Relations - mainly aimed at non-lawyers explaining aspects of UK family law and comments on family law topics in the news. Posts this month have continued a continuation of a series on parental responsibility, comment on experts, a series on missing words and orders in family cases. Obviously fantastic.

Pink Tape is written by a ‘mainly family law barrister’ (soon to be blogging here!) and this month she has been exercised & excited about the new guidance on Justices' Reasons, adoption & father's rights & Mr Justice Singer.

Solicitor Lynne Bastow specialises in divorce and her Divorce Solicitor
is a nice mix of top tips for dealing with the emotional side of it together with legal pieces. This month she has covered whether divorce will make you happier, can a holiday save a marriage, hanging on to your ex & mediation.

Solicitors’ firm Spain Williams run a blog called Family Matters which has good advice about aspects of matrimonial law. Posting is not that frequent but worth waiting for and this month has covered divorce on the grounds of desertion.

Judith Middleton is a Darlington based divorce lawyer whose blog Judith's Divorce Blog is quite personal & fun with pieces this month on the Christmas shopping, her friend Constance's divorce, that modern phenomenon, the divorce party & the divorce & remarriage of Lord Haw Haw.

Diane Benussi is a solicitor specialising in divorce and writes a lot about the emotional aftermath of divorce & separation & how to deal with divorce proceedings. The Benussi Blog
posted this month about how to cope with Christmas, why people want to be married in spite of the divorce rates & what to do if your ex does not want to see the children.

Marilyn Stowe, of Stowe Family Law, writes the Marilyn Stowe blog for lawyers & non-lawyers. She has posted recently on past cases, suitably anonymised, Heather Mills & the Saga Divorce.

Sophia Cannon, a barrister at Tooks Court, is the author of The Paramount Principle . Only occasional postings & nothing since October when she posted about the sexual exploitation of children and being a television lawyer. More please!

Clarendon Chambers produce a Family Law Team Update with comments on legislation and case law. The blog seems to have come to a bit of a halt at the beginning of October but what is there is interesting.

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