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Monday, 26 November 2007

Educating parents about educating children?

According to the DFCS the results of a national consultation to feed into the new Children's Plan, for most children, things are good: they are happy, healthy, cared for by their families & increasingly well-educated (virtually all of them apparently!) I am not sure that the Children's Rights Alliance for England would agree from a quick read of their report on the State of Children's Rights . Or maybe the happiness comes from the fact that one in seven children under 13 have tried cannabis according to this Guardian piece ? According to the DFCS research, the only thing that causes children a problem is that their parents are so anxious they are preventing their development by not letting them walk to school or take other similar risks. Fathers also hold their sons back at school if they don't go out to work according to some research at Bristol University according to this Daily Telegraph report . But don't try to help children with their school work because according to the Guardian, Cambridge University researchers warn that this will lead to the scholarisation of childhood, which parents are not cut out for. And don't teach them to read before they are 7, warns Lilian Katz (Professor of Education in Illinois - well somebody has to be) in the Guardian because it will dent their confidence in future if they are not very good at it. Apparently vulnerable children are also better off after 3 years in boarding school according to this Independent report . Confused - you will be - but fortunately along has come the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners to tell us what works and why. Am I getting old or was life a lot simpler when I was a girl (being badly brought up by my parents)?

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